Army to investigate colonels’ attendance at ‘narco’ wedding

The Colombian Armed Forces have opened an investigation into four Colombian colonels, after Commander Freddy Padilla received anonymous footage of the high-ranking officials celebrating at the wedding of a suspected drug trafficker.

Commander Padilla announced Monday that he had received an anonymous package containing the video and photographs of the event a week ago.

The footage, published Sunday on El Tiempo’s website, depicts four army officials, two of whom are in active service, celebrating at the wedding of Nestor “El Duro” Ramon Caro.

El Duro is wanted in the U.S. for drug trafficking. The North American nation has offered $5 million reward for information leading to his capture.

As well as the four Colombian officials, the list of attendees at the wedding reportedly also included suspected drug kingpin Hugo Bernal, extradited in 2008.

Padilla said that the four military officials will be called to respond to the allegations made against them.

One of the colonels is currently serving in Brazil and will be summoned back to Colombia for investigation.

All four of the men have denied knowledge that El Duro was suspected of illegal drug-trafficking at the time of the wedding.

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