Former Swiss mediator regrets charges against him

Jean-Pierre Gontard, the former Swiss mediator to the FARC regrets that a judicial process is held against him, after his efforts to release former hostage Ingrid Betancourt.

In an interview with Swiss daily “La Tribune de Geneve”, the ex mediator says that he does not complain of “being used” by the Colombian government to liberate the former French-Colombian presidential candidate. “Seeing the result, I have no problem being manipulated,” affirmed Gontard.

The former mediator, however, says he is saddened to be confronted with criminal charges for financing terrorism following his mediation.

Colombian prosecutors announced a formal investigation against Gontard, shortly after the liberation of Betancourt.

The inquiry is based on information allegedly found on the computer of Raul Rayes who was second in command and international spokesman of the FARC.

Gontard is accused of having paid $2.5 million to the FARC in order to achieve the release of two Swiss hostages.



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