Ex-President wants to know if State was involved in sister’s murder

Former Colombian President Cesar Gaviria asked for an investigation
into claims made by Semana.com that the State may have been involved in
the murder of his sister.

Semana.com published an article stating that Colombian security agency DAS repeatedly accessed intelligence information about Gaviria in the days and hours before the murder of his sister Liliana Gaviria Trujillo. It also states that they accessed information on April 27, 2006, several hours before her murder.

Five men, alleged be FARC members, were convicted for her murder.

Following Semana’s article, Gaviria asked the Prosecutor General to investigate if the State was in anyway involved in the homicide.

Liliana Gaviria was kidnapped in Pereira on April 27, 2006. The kidnappers killed her body guard and Liliana was wounded. She died several hours later and her body was abandoned in Dosquebradas, a metropolitan area of Pereira.



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