Former ministers to be tried for Uribe re-election bribery scandal

Two former Colombian ministers will be tried for the alleged bribery of congressmen to allow the 2006 re-election of former President Alvaro Uribe, announced the Prosecutor General Tuesday.

The former Interior and Justice Minister Sabas Pretelt De La Vega and former Social Welfare Minister Diego Palacio Betancourt have been indicted for their participation in the 2004 Yidispolitica scandal.

The scandal was dubbed Yidispolitica after ex-congresswoman Yidis Medina, who was convicted by the Supreme Court for accepting favors in exchange for a 2004 vote in support of a constitutional change allowing the 2006 reelection of former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

A number of other officials have also been found guilty of receiving bribes in exchange for voting in favor of a constitutional amendment and drafting of legislation that allowed for the re-election.

Several former members of his administration are also being investigated by the Prosecutor General’s Office for bribery.

Uribe was the first Colombian president to serve two consecutive terms in over a century.

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