Former AUC leader indicted for murdering a child

Presumed dead and former AUC leader, Vicente Castaño, is wanted by Colombian authorities under suspicion of murdering a child in western Colombia, local media sources reported Thursday.

Despite being declared dead, Vicente Castaño, a former leader of the Colombian right-wing paramilitary group, the AUC, faces indictment for the murder of a minor in the town of Puerto Tejada, located in the western Colombian province of Cauca, Colombian radio station Caracol reported.

Castaño, who is is being charged by a prosecutor of Human Right and International Humanitarian Law, allegedly shot a child multiple times in a neighborhood of Puerto Tejada that is reportedly rife with crime.

The murder allegedly took place in 2003 while the AUC was still active and Castaño was still reported alive.

Although Castaño’s remains and further evidence have not been found to support the the claims, several former members of the now disbanded AUC have testified that Castaño was killed in 2007.

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