Former anti-narcotics chief faces corruption charges

Carlos Albornoz, the former director of Colombia’s anti-narcotics agency, faces conspiracy, embezzlement and malfeasance charges, the Prosecutor General’s office announced on Friday.

Prosecutors ordered the arrest of Albornoz on charges related to the disposal of dozens of business assets seized from mafia bosses. According to local media, the charges also claim that Albornoz ordered the liquidation of a business for which he had no authorization.

Albornoz will be charged with administrative irregularities including the appointment of Camilo Bula, the former head of liquidations at the National Anti-narcotics Agency, who is is under investigation for the “liquidation” of businesses that allegedly continued to function in the hands of friends and associates.

Albornoz is a former senator and an important political figure in Nariño. He held the post at the anti-narcotics agency from 2006 until 2009.

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