Forget Stormy Daniels: Colombia’s election race has gone R-rated

(Image: Twitter)

Porn stars have become an issue in Colombia’s 2018 election after one was alleged to be the illegitimate daughter of candidate Gustavo Petro and a second one offered sex with voters.

The involvement of the porn stars is a welcome humorous addition to the election race that until a few weeks ago was dominated by bitter aggression between supporters of Petro and his conservative rival, Ivan Duque.

Hi Mia Khalifa

The first scandal emerged when Duque supporters falsely claimed that retired porn actress Mia Khalifa was the illegitimate daughter of the leftist candidate.

The false claim was quickly ridiculed by Petro supporters who turned the “scandal” in an endorsement for their candidate.

“The illegitimate daughter of Gustavo Petro withdrew her request for alimony and will vote for him,” one Twitter user said sarcastically.

Hello Amaranta Hank

Amaranta Hank, whose real name is Alejandra Omaña, is a journalist, a feminist and a big fan of American underground writer Charles Bukowski. She is also a porn star who hopes to become her country’s most idolized sex symbol.

The journalist-turned-porn star promised in April already to take part in an orgy with five Colombians who voted for Petro.

Fans called her bluff after which the actress specified the requisites that would allow Petro voters to take part in her sex party.

“The requisite will be to show the ballot receipt for the second round. So, vote if you want to join in,” she said on Twitter.

Colombia’s most famous porn actress, Esperanza Gomez, refrained from endorsing any candidate, but that does not mean she has no political opinion.

“May God grant us Colombians a miracle so that we may finally have a good president who works for the benefit of the country,” she said late last year.

Colombians will elect a new president on Sunday. Unless Mia Khalifa and Amaranta Hank’s involvement make a surprising difference, chances are that conservative candidate Ivan Duque will become the country’s next president.

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