Flood aid destined for 26,000 victims stolen in Valle del Cauca

Three men have robbed a warehouse between Cali and Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, stealing over six tons of humanitarian aid that was ready to be delivered to some 6,300 families affected by the rainy season, El Tiempo reported Friday.

The theft occurred at 3:07AM on Friday morning, when the three men surprised the guard and stole a truck containing at least 50 boxes of aid and 114 pieces of crockery.

The boxes contained an assortment of jeans, shirts, blankets and sheets, all destined for victims of the floods and landslides in the southwestern department.

“It was not the governorship of Valle [del Cauca] that was robbed, but some 26,000 victims of the rainy season,” said Rodrigo Zamorano, the government secretary of the department.

The aid had been delivered to the warehouse three weeks earlier and had been being classified and prepared for distribution.

Police have reported that they currently hold in possession security camera footage, with which they hope to advance the investigation and apprehend those responsible.

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