Father admits to killing son

Romero Erazo Bastidas confessed in a hearing Thursday to killing his 8-year-old son on November 23 in Pitalito in Colombia’s southwest department of Huila, reports Diario del Huila.

Bastidas turned himself in to authorities and voluntarily confessed to having planned the murder of his son, Geover Erazo Guaca, with his wife.

He confessed to sending his son out of the house with instructions to meet his father later while he and his wife planned the murder. Bastidas said when his son came to meet him, he struck the boy with a machete in the back. Believing the boy to be dead, Bastidas went to his work at a nearby farm. He returned home 7 p.m. and told his wife he had committed the act.

Bastidas said the last words of his son were that he wanted to study.

As of November 17, Colombia’s family welfare institute has received 35,204 complaints of child abuse in 2010.

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