FARC say they are willing to seek political solution

Colombia’s largest rebel group FARC says it is willing to start talking
about a political solution for the country’s 44-year long war.

guerrillas do not want to negotiate directly with the Uribe
administration, but want the mediation of a group of intellectuals and foreign leaders.

The FARC, in a letter published on the website of opposition senator Piedad Córdoba, say they “welcome the creation of a body of opinion that seperates itself from the false triumphalism and the parameters of a warmongering solution to the major national problems.”

“We do not doubt the success of your initiative, because it coincides with the feeling and desire for peace of the majority,” the letter adds.

The letter is a response to the request of opposition senator Piedad Córdoba and 150 intellectuals to start a correspondence about possible politician solutions to the country’s problems.

“This letter is the beginning of the proposed correspondence to discuss a political way out of the conflict, the humanitarian exchange and peace. We will take part in a dialogue that it open and honest, without dogmas, without sectarianism and without downgrading the suggested topics,” the letter continues.

The FARC, not mentioning the Uribe administration directly, invites Latin American presidents to take part in the dialogue.

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