‘FARC will not be able to replace ‘Mono Jojoy”

Colombia’s largest rebel group FARC will not be able to replace their recently slain military commander “Mono Jojoy,” national police director General Oscar Naranjo told Colombian radio.

In an interview with W Radio, Naranjo said that within the high ranks of the FARC there is no commander who is as feared as Mono Jojoy was before he was killed by armed forces on Wednesday.

“There is no terrorist [within the FARC] who is able to generate so much intimidation … They will not find a commander who can take up this role,” the police commissioner said.

Naranjo denied earlier reports that “Romaña,” a second-level FARC commander, was killed in the air strike. “There is no confirmation he was there before or during the bombing,” Naranjo said.

Naranjo claims that the deaths of Raul Reyes in 2008 and the recent death of Mono Jojoy is causing the FARC to “disintegrate from within.”

“The [FARC] Secretariat at this time is going through its worst period in history,” the top police official added.

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