FARC responsible for Bogota bomb attack: Santos

Rebels of Colombia’s largest guerrilla group FARC are responsible for the August 12 car bomb attack on the Bogota office of one of the country’s most popular radio stations, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said on Saturday.

According to the President, documents found on computers in the camp where armed forces killed the FARC’s military commander “Mono Jojoy” prove the FARC carried out the attack.

A five-point email found at one of the computers confirms the FARC’s responsibility of the attack, said Santos.

“It is clear that the bomb they put at Caracol (Radio) was of the FARC. Initially there were doubts, although the investigations carried out by the CTI and Prosecutor General increasingly showed that the FARC were responsible. I think this confirms that research,” the President said at a communal meeting in the city of Ibague.

The attack on Caracol Radio left no one dead, but some ten people were injured and buildings in the surrounding area were severely damaged.

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