FARC release kidnapped family

Alleged rebels of the FARC Wednesday released five persons, of which four belong to one family, a day after the family was kidnapped, local authorities said.

An army colonel told press that the hostages were released because of pressure by the military, who had begun a manhunt in the eastern Colombian Arauca department.

“Undoubtedly because of all this pressure of the army’s 5th mobile brigade and the support of the Air Force, we were able to achieve the release of these five people,” local military commander Javier Gamboa said.

The family and their nanny were kidnapped just outside of the town of Tame while on their way to the department capital Arauca.

“Four or five men approached us and said they belonged to the FARC,” one of the released said. ” If it wasn’t for the harassment and the pressure the army put on the gangsters, we wouldn’t be here,” the man continued.

The Marxist FARC is internationally known for kidnapping politicians and members of the security forces they hope to swap for guerrillas kept in Colombian and American prisons, but are also frequently accused of kidnapping civilians for extortion purposes.

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