FARC leader’s death a ‘heavy blow for peace’: Cordoba

The killing of FARC leader “Alfonso Cano” is a “heavy blow for peace” in Colombia, said former Senator Piedad Cordoba.

In a statement posted on her website on Saturday, she expressed her fear that Cano’s death would trigger retaliations from the FARC, especially towards the hostages currently held by the group.

Cordoba also criticized the government, stating that “it lacks a true policy for peace, and only seek to maintain the privileges and profits it acquired through the conflict.”

The peace activist called on both government and FARC to open peace negotiations, in order to put an end to the “blood-bath between Colombians”.

Cordoba served four terms as a Liberal Party senator until 2010, when she was dismissed over her alleged ties to the guerrilla group. In 2009, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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