‘FARC guerrilla’ responsible for French journalist’s kidnapping captured

The Colombian National Police said Wednesday that a suspected FARC guerrilla allegedly co-responsible for the kidnapping of French journalist Romeo Langlois has been captured in southern Colombia.

According to police reports, alias “Nuri,” allegedly a low-ranking female leader of the FARC’s 15th Front, was captured in a town in the southern department of Caqueta. She was arrested along with another alleged FARC member, whose identity and suspected crimes have not yet been released, reported Colombian newspaper El Heraldo.

According to newspaper El Espectador, “Nuri” was the “political manager” of the journalist’s kidnapping in Caqueta in April 2012, dealing with the public face of the affair and in charge of gathering villagers for the press conference held by Langlois upon release. She was also considered close to several leading members of the FARC’s Southern Bloc.

Langlois was captured April 28 when the Colombian army unit he was embedded with was ambushed by FARC guerrillas while on a mission to destroy large “FARC cocaine laboratories.” The FARC claimed to have killed 17  soldiers in the clash, while the army only reported four deaths. The FARC also said that the laboratories belonged to local peasants who were not affiliated with the guerrilla group.

Langlois was released May 30 after 33 days in captivity.

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