FARC explosives expert killed in Huila: Army

The Colombian army have announced that they have killed a sniper and explosives expert from the FARC’s 13th Front reported El Espectador.

Alias “Joselo,” or “Porron,” was allegedly shot dead by soldiers Tuesday in the municipality of San Agustin, in Colombia’s southwestern Huila department.

According to army intelligence from demobilized guerrillas, Joselo had spent six years with the FARC acting as a sniper and explosives expert for the FARC’s 13th Front, “Cacica Gaitana.”

The army said the 24-year-old received orders to selectively assassinate soldiers who were advancing operations for control in the southern regions of the Huila department.

The body of Joselo was found with camping equipment and an M-14 rifle which were handed over to the Technical Investigation Team (CTI), the body in charge of the judicial investigation of the death.

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