Highway connecting Colombia and Ecuador partially closed after ‘FARC attack’

(Photo: Blu Radio)

The highway connecting Colombia and Ecuador has been closed by authorities following an explosives attack allegedly carried out by FARC rebels on Monday evening.

The bomb destroying parts of the road left no victims, authorities told local media on Tueasday. However, the highway from the north of Cauca department which is the main network in the southwestern part of Colombia, is severely damaged.

The bomb blew a four-meter wide and five-meter deep hole in the road.

Consequently,  all traffic coming from the south, including Ecuador and the states of Nariño and Cauca has been blocked. All vehicles weighing more than 8 tons are impeded from traveling from north to south.

The blocked road has caused a miles-long traffic jam in both directions.

Authorities said the road might be reopened on Tuesday around noon and blame guerrillas of the FARC — a rebel group that is highly active in that area — for the attack.

Location of the attack


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