FARC accept Brazil help for hostage release

Colombia’s largest rebel group FARC says it has no objection to Brazil’s government playing a part in the upcoming release of two hostages.

The message welcomed the participation of the neighboring government, as well as representatives of the Red Cross, in the freeing of soldiers Pablo Emiliano Moncayo and Josue Daniel Calvo, and the handing over of the remains of deceased police officer Julian Guevara.

The communique was posted on the internet by the Europe-based New Colombian News Agency (ANNCOL), which has a history of passing along announcements from the FARC.

The participation of Brazil in the handover had been announced previously by members of the Red Cross and Catholic Church, which, along with Senator Piedad Cordoba will be present to guarantee that the operation is carried out as planned by both sides.

The new message from FARC contradicts earlier media reports that the leftist guerilla group did not want the country to participate in the hostage exchange.

It is expected that the operation will take place after the March 14 congressional elections, so as not to be used as a “political tool” by the rebels.

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