FARC confirm death of ‘Manuel Marulanda’

The FARC have confirmed the death of founder “Manuel Marulanda.”

“Our commander in Chief Manuel Marulanda Veléz died of a heart attack march 26. We have buried him with the honors a leader of his size deserves,” Timochenko, whose real name is Rodrigo Londoño, announced on Venezuelan TV.

The founder of the FARC died “in the arms of his companion, surrounded by his bodyguards.” the commander added.

‘Timochenko’ also confirmed “Alfonso Cano” has taken over the leadership from Marulanda.

“Pablo Catacumbo” has taken his place in the FARC’s secretariat.

The Colombian authorities have started a search for the body of Marulanda in the south of the Meta province, where the founder of the rebel organization supposedly died, Colombia’s Minister of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos, said during a press conference Sunday.

He called on the current FARC heads, “Mono Jojoy” and “Alfonso Cano” to surrender.

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