Extradited Colombian war lord’s brother shot dead


Police say the only brother of extradited right-wing militia boss Rodrigo ‘Jorge 40’ Tovar has been shot dead in northern Colombia.

Police commander Colonel Orlando Tobo says 40-year-old Sergio Tovar died in a parking lot in the department of Cesar after a gunman fired six shots from a 9mm pistol and fled on a motorcycle.

Tobo says Tovar died Thursday.

Tovar was extradited to the U.S. in 2008 with 13 other paramilitary chiefs on drug-trafficking charges.

His Colombian lawyer said he was trying to reach Tovar with the news, adding that Sergio Tovar was a rancher with no legal trouble.

Since the extradition, other relatives of the former paramilitary chiefs have been assassinated as well. (AP)

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