Ex-paramilitary jailed for murder

Ex-paramilitary Urias Ariolfo Perez Cifuentes, alias “Celador,” has been condemned to 20 years in jail for participating in the murder of a civilian in Villavicencio, reports El Espectador.

A Colombian court found him guilty of charges of murder, conspiracy, manufacturing and trafficking, and illegally possessing firearms.

The conviction stems from events of May 17, 2005 in the Porfia neighborhood of Villavicencio where Samuel Rubio Herrera was shot dead. Prior to the killing, Cifuentes had apparently made threats to the victim’s father at a community meeting.

According to testimony, the murder was related to complaints from the community about the mismanagement of the aqueduct where the crime occurred.

The judge has asked the Prosecutor General’s Office to initiate an investigation to establish whether anyone else shares responsibility for the murder.

Perez Cifuentes is incarcerated in the Picalena Ibague prison, Tolima.

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