Ex-paramilitary: Prosecutor General’s Office is corrupt

Demobilized paramilitary leader Libardo Duarte, alias “Ban Ban,” told Colombia’s Supreme Court that he had personally taken large sums of money to the Prosecutor General’s headquarters in Bogota, reported Caracol radio.

Speaking in court, Duarte, former commander of a bloc of paramilitary coalition the AUC, claimed that several officials working in the Prosecutor General’s Office had received money from the paramilitaries.

Duarte told the courts, “I, Libardo Duarte, brought money here to Bogota, to officials working in the the prosecutor general’s headquarters.”

Duarte has co-operated with the court, naming various members of Colombia’s national army in his testimony, including former General Mario Montoya, Colonel Quintero and General Pedraza.

The demobilized paramilitary also provided the court with a list of companies in the department of Santander which had received funds from the AUC during his time in command.

The Supreme Court ruled that it would further investigate Duarte’s claims of corruption further.

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