Ex-paramilitary lawyer assassinated in Antioquia

A lawyer who represented several former paramilitary leaders,

as well as the alleged perpetrators of a massacre in northern Colombia, is shot dead in a restaurant in Bello, Antioquia, Caracol reported Friday.

Edquir Jose Lopez Londoño, 50, was waiting for someone alone in a restaurant when an unknown person approached him from behind and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

Lopez Londoño led the defense processes of several paramilitary bosses following the demobilization of the AUC’s “Arlex Hurtado” bloc, among them Raul Hazbun, alias “Pedro Lindo.”

In 2005 he led the defense of those supposedly responsible for the massacre of five adults and three children in San Jose de Apartado, northern Antioquia, which had occurred on February 21 of the same year.

The lawyer also defended various political leaders in the banana region, particularly around Apartado, who were linked to the security company “CONVIVIR.” This network of vigilante and security cooperatives was banned after being accused of involvement in numerous crimes.

Born in Manizales, Lopez Londoño was a noted jurist and was reportedly known for his professionalism and charity work in Apartado, where he spent much of his working life.

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