Ex-DAS boss implicated in murder of former presidential candidate

Colombia’s Inspector General’s Office on Wednesday requested an investigation into an ex-DAS intelligence chief regarding his alleged involvement in the 1990 murder of a presidential candidate.

The Inspector General’s Office considered that there was evidence enough to link Alberto Romero, a former DAS boss, and detective Jaime Ernesto Gomez Muñoz to the murder of presidential candidate Carlos Pizarro Leongomez.

The inspector assigned to criminal proceedings, Gabriel Jaime Duran, stated that he had raised the request before the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Duran indicated that the inspector general, Alejandro Ordoñez Maldonado, had established a special agency to prevent impunity of those responsible and clarify the circumstances surrounding the murder of Leongomez.

Presidential candidate Pizarro was murdered on April 29, 1990 whilst aboard an Avianca airline flight during his campaign, reported news station Caracol Radio.

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