ELN vacation resort discovered

Colombian authorities on Thursday discovered an alleged vacation spot for members of guerrilla group ELN.

According to newspaper El Espectador, the structure located in the southwestern department of Nariño was complete with a dance floor, bar and game center.

The illegal ELN complex found by Colombia’s army was allegedly used by ELN guerrillas from the group’s South Front for simultaneous relaxation and military training.

The array of games and alcohol, as well as the bar and dance floor, led authorities to the conclusion that the bunker was not just used for military purposes, although they did also find military uniforms, cots, a training area for arming and disarming explosives, an antenna for radio signals and underground bunker with a capacity for holding 200 troops.

Authorities did not capture any ELN members in the operation but did manage to seize several arms and explosives, along with a sound system, games and alcoholic beverages.

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