ELN members escape from jungle

A group of fifteen ELN members used a plant to drug their superiors in
order to escape from the camp they were at. The leader of the group
confirmed this in an interview with Caracol Radio.

The group was led by a guerrilla dubbed ‘Pilar’ and her partner ‘Pepe’. In the interview, Pilar spoke about their escape.

“This plant can be found in the jungle and we spread it at the place where the commanders slept, so we would keep them asleep for close to eight hours and have an advantage,” she said.

Guerrilla groups also use the plant to put children asleep and prevent them from crying and possibly alarming the army or wild animals.

Pilar aims to build a new life, using the special government program for those that give up their guerrilla existence. Her four-year-old daughter remains in the jungle, but she and Pepe hope to get her back as well.

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