El Espectador to publish WikiLeaks cables weekly

The director of Colombian newspaper El Espectador, Fidel Cano, spoke with La F.M. on Monday about receiving 16,000 cables from WikiLeaks.

Cano confirmed El Espectador’s report on Sunday that he now has in his possession diplomatic cables relating to Colombia from 2006 onwards and to Venezuela up until 2005.

The newspaper’s staff are working carefully to present the information for release in chronological order every Wednesday.

The agreement Cano signed with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange when the two met in London stipulates that all information handed over must not be shared, must only be accessible to a select group of journalists and must be worked on from computers with no Internet connection.

Furthermore, there is to be no naming of potentially vulnerable people for fear of endangering them.

Cano highlighted 2006 as the most interesting year in terms of information released in the cables, due to information on the emergence of the “parapolitics” scandal and the rise of the neo-paramilitaries.

He added that there is also a substantial amount of information pertaining to Colombia’s relations with its South American neighbours, particularly an event in 2006 with Venezuela.

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