Eight FARC guerrillas captured: Army

Eight members of the FARC were captured in the Colombian department of
Antioquia, the Colombian Army said in a statement released Wednesday.

The eight men were involved in complex cocaine dealings, including a crop of more than 35,000 coca plants.

The suspects were apprehended
preparing cocaine in a laboratory in the town of Anorí and are
allegedly part of the FARC’s 36 front’s financial structure.

in Ayapel, Córdoba, soldiers found 3,600 gallons of acetone, 55 gallons
of sulfuric acid, 325 kilos of ammonia, 125 kilos of sodium nitrate,
six microwaves, five 1000-liter storage tanks and three electric

The army destroyed the 35,000 coca plants that were found in the state of Córdoba.

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