Ecuador arrests prominent FARC guerrilla

A prominent FARC guerrilla responsible for providing the rebel group with arms has been arrested in Ecuador, said Colombia police on Monday.

Ecuadorean Police captured Edilson Castro Lopez, alias “Jairo” or “Chicanero,” in coordination with Colombian authorities on Sunday as part of joint efforts to combat terrorist activities.

Police said that Chicanero was the guerrilla responsible for coordinating the transportation of 78 firearms that were seized by Colombian and U.S. authorities on July 27. The firearms were meant to be delivered to the FARC’s 6th Front, considered one of the biggest and most powerful military units in Colombia’s southwest and active in the troubled Cauca department.

The police report claims that Chicanero, 32 years old, has spent the last 14 years of his life as a guerrilla member. He was a part of the FARC’s International Commission and allegedly participated in the kidnapping of several police and military members, including the kidnapping of a police mayor in 2007.

Chicanero was also an alleged explosions expert, and had been instructing the FARC’s “special forces” group.

His capture was ordered on counts of homicide, personal injuries and rebellion, and at least four known attacks against Colombian armed forces. He is currently being processed for crimes of terrorism and extortion.

The rebel supposedly first traveled to Ecuador for surgery on July 15 for a knee injury that was caused in combat with the army. He was surrendered to Colombian authorities on Sunday and immediately detained while awaiting trial.

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