EC investigate Venezuela’s alleged interference in Colombian politics

Colombia’s National Electoral Commission Monday launched an investigation into allegations that Venezuela is funding the election campaign of Colombian Bolivarian Socialist Movement (MSB) leader David Corredor.

The inquiry launch follows preliminary investigations into a complaint by former Senator Marta Lucia Ramirez to the Electoral Commission in October that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is interfering in Colombian politics.

Ramirez claimed that Chavez is funding Corredor’s campaign, which is prohibited in the Colombian constitution.

Corredor called the allegations “childish and embarrassing,” El Espectador reported Monday.

The MSB leader is in the process of collecting the 500 thousand signatures required to make him eligible to run for Presidency.

Corredor’s movement has received criticism for having the same Bolivarian ideals as Chavez’s socialist government. The socialist leader was attacked by an angry mob in Medellin while campaigning for the Presidency in the Antioquian capital last week.



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