East Colombia miracle: two-headed calf

The eastern Colombian Arauca department is mostly famous for its rebel attacks. But sometimes really weird things happen there too, like the birth of a two-headed calf.

According to the website of the local radio station, the two-headed phenomenon was born on a farm in Lipa, one of the many rural zones of the department.

The owner of the calf, Ramon Torres, told the radio station that the calf came out legs-first and none of the workers involved in the birth noticed anything out of the ordinary until the calf’s head got stuck.

The operation that followed caused the unfortunate death of the mother, because the local vet was forced to cut open the cow’s vagina for the calf to come out of its mother alive.

The recently-born calf itself also didn’t make it to the end of the day, because shortly after its birth it was “sacrificed.” The calf died without name.

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