Drinking ban in place for election weekend

A prohibition on the sale of alcohol over the weekend of the Colombian presidential election will be in place from 6 PM Friday 28 May until 6 AM Monday, according to the Interior Ministry.

If a second round runoff election is held, as recent voter intention polls suggest, the alcohol ban will be back in place from the evening of Friday June 18 until the following Monday morning.

The ministry reiterated that electoral propaganda, press releases, and interviews are prohibited for the week leading up to Sunday’s elections.

A ban on the carrying of weapons by anyone apart from government security forces will be in place from Friday May 28 until Wednesday June 2.

Mayors and governors were told they are free to enforce restrictions on vehicles if they interfere with proceedings.

In addition to efforts to ensure a safe and secure election weekend, the national police ordered the deployment of 13,409 soldiers on election Sunday, to support the 150,000 police officers already to assigned to oversee the elections.

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