Colombian novelty: 7up with rat

Whenever you buy a bottle of soda, don’t forget to make sure that there
aren’t any dead animals inside. Surely, it’s not that likely to happen
but a Bogotá store owner begs to differ, after finding a rat hidden in
a bottle of 7up.

Carlos Rodríguez, who owns a store in Bogotá’s Fontibon sector, was going through his supplies at the start of a day in July when he noticed something strange. Having to look twice, he determined that there really was a rat inside a bottle of soda he normally would have sold that day.

Rodríguez called the supplier, who immediately sent a few employees to have a look for themselves. One of them asked the store owner to hand them the bottle so they could properly investigate it, but Rodríguez rejected as he feared a scandal that could hurt his shop.

Some days later, the store was visited by a representative of the soda company. Rodríguez showed him the bottle and he as well, wanted the store owner to hand over the bottle for further investigation. He even went as far as to offer Rodríguez a load of soda for free, but again, the offer was rejected.

Rodríguez then found a lawyer he decided to trust, 29 year old Cristian Camilo López. The attorney and the shop owner contacted the company and received a reply from spokesman Juan Eduardo Mejía Gómez, who stated that the incident could have been caused by a human error, although each and every bottle goes through three additional checks before being shipped out.

López plans to make this case an opportunity to demonstrate his lawyer skills and has the bottle hidden in a secret spot. Even his wife doesn’t know where it is. The rat has begun to dissolve in the liquid but the photos and videos taken earlier are enough for López to start his case.

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