‘Don Mario’ captured with US help: Santos

Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos revealed that Colombia received
help from the US in the operation that led to the capture of infamous
drug lord ‘Don Mario’ Wednesday.

Santos told Radio Caracol that U.S anti-narcotics agency the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), particpated in the 9 month long operation, which lead to the capture of Daniel ‘Don Mario‘ Rendón Herrera. He also that Colombian authorities expect to receive an official petition from the U.S to extradite ‘Don Mario’ on charges of drug trafficking.

Earlier, at a press conference, the Minister had revealed that authorities believe that Rendón Herrera is responsible in the last 18 months alone, for 3,000 murders committed in an attempt to control drug trafficking territory.

Colombian authorities had previously offered a 5,000 million peso reward for information leading to Rendón Herrera’s capture. Santos confirmed that two informants will receive 2,000 million pesos each for information supplied.

Santos affirmed that following ‘Don Mario’s’ capture, authorities will now focus on capturing remaining drug lords ‘Cuchillo’ and ‘Comba’.

“I just want to say that there is no place in Colombia, nor in the world, where they can hide, no matter how powerful they are,” he said.


Demobilzed paramilitary leaders handed power to ‘Don Mario’: Police

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