DMG wants dialogue with government

DMG director David Murcia Gúzman called Colombians who invested in his
company to stay calm and wants a conversation with the government after
authorities declared a state of emergency and closed the company’s

The Colombian government had declared a state of Social Emergency after the collapse of one of the country’s many pyramid scheme made thousands of Colombians lose their money. Nearly US$300 million is still missing.

The company immediately shut down all offices of DMG and other companies they suspect of illegally keeping the money of Colombians.

Thousands of Colombians took to the street in Bogotá expressing their support for DMG and its rags-to-riches owner.Both the company and its defenders deny it’s a pyramid.

“I applaude Álvaro Uribe’s decision to end the pyramid schemes, because they are causing much harm the country. DMG however is not a pyramid,” he told W Radio.

“We are a company, we do nothing illegal. What we have is a marketing strategy, which is different than other global companies are doing. But being new doesn’t mean it is illegal,” he said.

Gúzman’s supporters, or “members of the DMG family” as Gúzman says, back the director of DMG.

“He has made us dream,” explained Andres Nova, 23, who said he’d
invested 40 million pesos (17,500) with the company. “It would be
really great if he were president.”

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