DMG sends letters to governors for debt payment

Colombia’s largest pyramid company DMG has allegedly sent notice to three Colombian state governors demanding repayment of supposed debts, reported El Tiempo on Tuesday.

The imprisoned DMG boss David Murcia was visited by lawyer Esperanza Martinez Dussan in his jail in Bogota at the end of October 2009 and, although she refused to comment on the reason behind the meeting, it has been speculated that the lawyer had been delivering repayment of the alleged debts of the state governors of Bolivar, Cundinamarca and Putumayo, which had been used to fund their campaigns.

Colombian press obtained copies of several letters addressed to state leaders and signed by Murcia, in which the DMG boss sends greetings and requests their attention to his emissary. Murcia’s lawyer, however, is not able to certify that the letters were written by his client.

For his part the ex-governor of Bolivar, Joaco Berrio, denied receiving loans and having any dealings with DMG. A defense that he also offered to courts when he was charged with receiving more than one billion pesos (505,689USD) from Murcia for his campaign.

Governors Andres Gonzalez and Felipe Guzman have also denied the existence of the debts.

“In my opinion, it’s a mafia trap with leaked documents and sending people subtle messages,” said the governor Gonzalez and has requested an investigation.

Murcia is currently in the midst of a legal crossroads, after being sentenced to 30 years by Colombian courts for money laundering, followed by an extradition to the U.S. to face charges on money laundering.

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