0% Colombians interested in Betancourt book

Not a single Colombian is interested in buying a book by former hostage Ingrid Betancourt, according to a poll released on Tuesday.

According to pollster Gallup, all of the 1,200 Colombian repondants answered “no” to the question of whether they are interested in buying “Even silence has an end,” which was released online and in American and European bookstores on Tuesday.

The same poll showed that three-quarters of housewives interviewed would not even be interested in watching a soap opera on Betancourt’s captivity, if one of Colombia’s two national channels decide to make one.

The book has not yet gone on sale in Colombia itself, where the distributor expects to make no sales at all.

“We just spent two years listening to Betancourt in liberty, which has been a total drag. Imagine how boring it must be reading about her being all intellectual in the jungle for six years,” said a pirate book salesman in Bogota.

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