Disgraced ex-Miss Colombia to rebuild life in Mexico

Embattled former Miss Colombia Valerie Dominguez will star in Mexican comedy “The Clinic,” having recently been absolved from charges of fraud and embezzlement.

The Colombian model and actress is reportedly trying to reinvigorate her career in Mexico, where she will portray sexy nurse “Lucy Wilson” in a satirical depiction of life in a psychiatric facility.

Dominguez is making the move north after a Bogota court recently found the model and actress not guilty of committing fraud when applying for subsidies from Agro Ingreso Seguro (AIS).

AIS is the government bureau tasked with providing subsidies to poor, rural farmers. The former Miss Colombia was accused of receiving subsidies of $173,000 despite having no connection to agriculture or struggling farmers.

While the judge ruled that Dominguez’s ex-boyfriend, Juan Manuel Davila, had taken advantage of his “naive, gullible and in love girlfriend,” the prosecution has indicated its intention to appeal the court’s decision.

The ex-Colombian beauty queen has not ruled out selling the television production rights to a show that would dramatize her ordeal in court.

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