‘DEA uncovers assassination plot against anti-drug official’

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) uncovers an assassination plot against the head of the Colombia’s drug control agency UNAIM, reported La F.M. radio Tuesday.

Sources revealed to the DEA a plot orchestrated by Colombia drug lord Daniel “Loco” Barrera to murder Ana Margarita Duran, head of the body, which is part of the Prosecutor General’s Office, according to the news source.

One source, who was reportedly meant to take part in the attack against Duran, disclosed the details of the $500,000 assassination plan to the DEA.

The criminals had allegedly been following the head of the anti-narcotics unit, compiling information on her daily routine, where she worked, lived, the places she frequently visited, the cars she drove, the details of her personal security and information about her relatives.

Barrera had used some $500,000 to pay the gunmen, cover the cost of their travel to Bogota, hotels, vehicles and weapons, according to the source.

In recent weeks the unit that Duran directs, in coordination with the national police, has dealt several blows to Barrera’s organization by capturing some of his relatives and high-level henchmen, and seizing more than $3 million worth of his goods.

Prosecutor General Viviane Morales has ordered a further investigation of the alleged murder plot and is taking the necessary measures to protect Duran.

Colombian authorities have offered an award of up to $2.7 million for information leading to the capture of Barrera, who is considered one of the top drug lords in the country.

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