DAS spied on Cordoba since 1979: Official

Colombian security and intelligence agency DAS has had opposition Senator Piedad Cordoba under surveillance since 1979, according to testimony from a DAS official.

Fabio Duarte Translaviña is one of eleven DAS officials being investigated over the use of illegal wiretaps to spy on critics of the government. According to Duarte, the government began surveillance of Cordoba when Fernando Brito, now a prosecutor with the Council of State, was the head of DAS. Brito is involved with the disciplinary process for the eleven DAS officials but has withdrawn himself due to his past position in the intelligence organization.

Cordoba is well known for speaking out against the government, and is also leader of “Colombians for Peace.”“FARC-politics” charges were brought against her in April, with allegations that she collaborated with the FARC outside of the parameters of her role as a hostage release negotiator.

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