Danish FARC financier sentenced to 6 months in jail

A Danish court Thursday sentenced a 52-year old man to six months in jail for sending money to Colombian rebel group the FARC.

Viggo Toft-Joergensen, the spokesman of a Danish labor union had sent 10,000 kroner ($1.900) to the guerrilla organization.

According to Toft-Joergensen’s defense, his client sent the money to what he considered freedom fighters, but according to the court the FARC is a terrorist group which made the defendant guilty of supporting terrorism.

In response to the sentence, Toft-Joergensen and a second man sentenced for financing the Palestinian PLFP, also considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. and the European Union, said they did not regret their crime and would do it again.

It is the second time a Danish court has sentenced citizens for financially supporting the FARC. In 2009, a clothing company was convicted for selling FARC t-shirts and sending part of the profits to Colombia.

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