Dairy farmers march in Bogota against trade deal

Representatives of dairy businesses from across Colombia meet in Bogota to march in protest against the government’s actions towards the country’s milk industry, Radio Sante Fe reported Wednesday.

The delegations, sent from 10 of Colombia’s departments, represent small and medium-sized dairy businesses who are calling on the government to repeal decrees that they say would marginalize thousands of small dairy producers in favor of national and international monopolies.

They are also against the pending free trade agreement (FTA) with the U.S., fearing it will ruin nearly 480,000 producers who currently have less than 10 cows, and thereby damaging food security for the country, especially those in rural areas.

Protesters met at 11AM in the Plaza de Toros and began the march that is planned to end at the Ministry of Agriculture.

They were joined by several congressmen and women who asked for all Colombians to show solidarity and support the movement.

In May last year, Colombian dairy farmers from around the country protested against a planned FTA with the E.U. which was eventually signed by former President Alvaro Uribe on May 19, 2010 in Madrid.

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