Court sentences Dutchman to 20 years

A Bogotá court Monday sentenced a dutch oil engineer to thirty years in
jail for laundering drug money and being part of an international
criminal organization.

Judge Jairo Acosta ruled it was proven Henk van Bilderbeek, together with another fifteen persons, whitewashed money for the AUC‘s Centaurus Bloc. Half of the now condemned group confessed years ago already. The other half, including Van Bilderbeek still say they are innocent.

According to the Dutchman, he was framed by the Colombian government after Bogotá wanted the contract he had with state oil company Ecopetrol to go to U.S. oil company Drummond. Shortly after Ecopetrol canceled the contract with Van Bilderbeekhe was arrested, he says.

The Dutchman’s family said they’ll appeal.


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