Correa stokes nationalism as a distraction, Uribe says

The statement from President Alvaro Uribe’s office said Correa wants to “confuse” Ecuadoreans by speaking out against Colombia.The statement comes after Ecuador vowed to file a complaint with the Organization of American States over Colombia’s claim that Ecuador’s army was ordered not to attack guerrillas operating inside Ecuador. The dispute between the countries originated with a March 1 Colombian military raid on a Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia camp in Ecuador, which Correa called a violation of sovereignty.Uribe said that the same informants that helped Colombia locate the rebel camp in Ecuador also said that Ecuador’s armed forces are upset over Correa’s order forbidding his army from attacking the rebels inside Ecuador. Correa has denied issuing such an order.Colombia’s March 1 raid in Ecuador killed Raul Reyes, the guerrillas’ second in command, and at least 20 more rebels.

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