Piedad Cordoba accused of FARC sympathies

Ex-senator Piedad Cordoba’s proposals to repatriate extradited FARC guerrillas raised questions in the Colombian congress Thursday, reported local media.

The leader of Colombians for Peace had spoken out in favor of bringing FARC members in U.S. jails back to Colombia, to speed up potential peace negotiations.

Senate President Juan Manuel Corzo said Thursday, “Piedad is a fighter for peace but it is unclear whether this proposal comes from her or from FARC.”

Cordoba says she is campaigning for the repatriation of two guerrillas alias “Sonia” and “Simon Trinidad” because “extradition cannot be an obstacle for peace.”

But according to Corzo, “It is absurd because these are people who have committed crimes against humanity and have transgressed national and international order. They cannot be repatriated when [FARC] do not show any [desire for] peace and do not return their hostages.”

Cordoba is barred from holding office over her alleged ties to the FARC for which she has been under criminal investigation since 2008.

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