Cordoba wants part in Uribe investigation

Former Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba has asked to be a part of the civil investigation currently taking place against former President Alvaro Uribe, reports El Espectador.

Cordoba filed a document with the Accusation Committee of the House of Representatives expressing her desire to be part of the investigation into Uribe’s alleged involvement in the illegal wiretapping of his opponents. The committee opened a preliminary investigation on October 12 into the former president’s role in the wiretapping, carried out by intelligence agency DAS, and began a full investigation on October 21.

On Tuesday, Cordoba was officially dismissed from the Senate following a ruling issued in September by Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez that the senator was banned from public office for 18 years. Cordoba is accused of having ties with the FARC, and overstepping her bounds in negotiations with the guerrilla group. The former senator lost her appeal despite her accusations that Ordoñez should not be allowed to sanction her.

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