Córdoba interrogated by U.S. immigration

Despite her diplomatic visa, the opposition senator was heard for two and a half hours, after trying to enter the U.S.”When I left customs, I was retained for two and a half hours. I think they wanted to send me back to Colombia. All my papers were photocopied. I had brought denunciations to deliver to the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights. They photocopied everything, my phones and personal belongings too,” the controversial senator said.Córdoba said that she wasn’t allowed to leave until she had had contact with U.S. assistant Secretary of State, Thommas Shannon and U.S. governor Bill Richardson.She thinks the official objection of Colombian consul in New York, Fransisco Noguera, to her speaking at the Venezuelan consul about a humanitarian agreement with teh FARC about releasing hostages, triggered the arrest.The senator is considering to file charges against the U.S. authorities.

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