Conservative Party orders member to quit Santos campaign

Colombia’s Conservative Party on Thursday asked party member Carlos Rodado to leave his post in the campaign of Partido de la U presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos.

On Tuesday, the long-time Conservative Party member, who is Colombia’s former ambassador to Spain, joined the rival Santos campaign team as communications manager, reports El Espectador.

According to Conservative Party leader Fernando Araujo, it is against their party’s internal bylaws for one of their members to support candidates from other parties. “It is the duty of party members to comply with the statues, regulations, and rules,” of the party, Araujo explained.

Araujo went on to say that, “It is now time for Rodado to.. help us win the elections,” supporting Conservative presidential candidate Noemi Sanin.

If Rodado fails to leave his post with the Santos campaign, the Conservative Party will take steps to expel him from the party.

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