Comptroller wants to clarify rumors of Nule Group donations

Colombia’s Comptroller General Sandra Morelli has said that she will make herself available before the Supreme Court in order to prove her innocence in light of rumors suggesting she received handouts from the disgraced Nule Group construction firm, Caracol Radio reported Friday.

Morelli has been rumored to have received gifts via the ambassador of Colombia in Venezuela, Jose Fernando Bautista, something that she unequivocally refutes as being without any proof.

The comptroller general believes that these rumors have been generated in order to tarnish her reputation and threaten the legitimacy of fiscal control, which is why she considers it imperative that the matter is clarified before the Supreme Court in an open manner.

She has reportedly already made Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez aware of the matter and will await his conclusion.

The Nule Group, who are heavily implicated in the Bogota public works scandal that recently prompted the suspension of Mayor Samuel Moreno, are currently in prison and facing charges of bribery, illicit enrichment and embezzlement.

They too have denied sending donations or gifts to Morelli, with their lawyer stating on their behalf that the “rumor is false.”

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