Colombia’s police director attacks alleged Israeli child sex-traffickers

Colombia’s Police Director Oscar Naranjo warned a gang of alleged Israeli child sex-traffickers in a visit to the crime-plagued north of Colombia.

Addressing recent allegations of child sex-trafficking by a group of Israelis in the Caribbean Magdalena department the director told RCN Radio, “We have publicly notified these Israeli citizens that the Police are watching them and won’t permit crime in this area. I have serious doubts about the integrity of these foreigners. We’re working with the Mayor to impede the expansion and operation of [child sex-trafficking].”

During a three day trip to the department’s capital Santa Elena, Naranjo also promised an additional 1,300 police to combat crime in the region that is under control by neo-paramilitary group the Urabeños, said a police press release.

The director announced his priorities to arrest gang members in the area, capture extortionists, combat illegal mining, and stop the prostitution of minors in the region.

Naranjo said, “The first step is to continue arresting [gang] leaders, second is to concentrate on attacking extortionist groups who add to the gangs finances. The third is to fight illegal mining. This year we have closed 156 illegal mines and seized 200 mining machines.”

Speaking on gangs the director singled out the Urabeños saying, “Neutralizing the Urabeños in Magdalena is a priority.”

Magdalena Department has experienced an surge in crime and violence including 20 murders in the capital Santa Marta so far this year.

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